The Nightmare Begins

Thanks for joining me! Welcome to my new website. The idea of starting my own website/blog started out about 1 year ago. The original plan was to have a blog where I can write and share book reviews on books that I read. I read a lot of books so it only made sense.

But as I started this project, I realized I wanted this website as a place where I can share my my real life scary stories: haunting or just creepy and weird things that I’ve experienced through out my life. My ultimate goal, is to allow people to share their thoughts on my stories but also to allow them to share their own. I want this as a place where people can talk about these things: haunting, the paranormal, etc.

Besides that, I also plan to include an occasional movie review or book review as originally planned. I will also use this website as a medium to share my fiction writing in hopes of gaining fans and help me gain exposure while I am in the process of getting published.


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear... — H.P. Lovecraft



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